Learning Lacemaking

Last September I went to the annual Lace Guild conference in Melbourne to learn to make Reticella (a specific type of Italian lace set in linen).

Here's my first attempt. 

The process is amazing. You have to count through the threads that make up the linen, individually remove them, then weave your own thread back in. Its a meditative process and I love it.

After deconstructing the fabric, you add motifs and designs in the spaces.

I've been enjoying experimenting with odd shapes and building up these leaves, theres an unpredictability to the way they grow across the fabric that I love. 

I (possibly stupidly) decided to make a massive one. It's about 25x25cm and combines the more structured motifs with the free-flowing leaves. 

Sometimes I adore my job. I got to sit in the window of the Workroom every day with the embroidery hoop and a needle and thread, slowly building the piece up. I started in October and finished in January, and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

So now I'm completely obsessed. I'm learning Italian and planning a trip this April/May to see what I can learn.



I'm working on making some short-term mandalas out of masking tape and found paper. Around a days work each time. 

I'm super excited to announce I'll be teaching some workshops in the coming months. Here's the first.

If you're interested, book in at: 


Hashtag Gallery Selfies

The window of the Workroom has a full length mirror behind it. It's very hard not to spend lots of time taking art selfies. 


When I was young, my mum had a journal full of little collages she called "Muses". Each one was a little figure made up of magazine images, newspaper, found objects and simple lines. I loved the way each one had a very clear character without too much prescribed detail. I think those muses have been in my mind as I've been whiling away the hours with this strange little mirror project. 


Mum even made the cherry knickers. They've been on display in the gallery since it opened a year ago.